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Feces, characteristic of trimox pills from intestinal dolichocolon, have a dark color, an extremely fetid aroma, and contain inclusions of mucus and blood clots. The symptoms of pain characteristic of dolichocolon appear due to buy amoxicillin online of mucous membranes affected by pathological and inflammatory processes, which inevitably occur with serious deformation of intestinal areas. These processes disrupt the smooth interaction of the intestines with other organs of the digestive system, which causes additional symptoms such as heaviness in the abdomen, bloating or flatulence. There are three stages of intestinal dolichocolon.

  • At the stage of compensation, a considerable amount of feces already accumulates in the stomach of a person suffering from this pathology, but most of it is excreted using the natural capabilities of the body.
  • There is no constipation or mild and brief constipation is observed. Treatment of intestinal dolichocolon at the compensation stage is carried out using a special diet.
  • Dolichocolon of the intestine, which is at the stage of subcompensation, is characterized by mild but constant constipation, causing symptoms of intoxication of the body.
  • A person with this form of the disease suffers from intermittent but severe pain in the areas stated above.
  • Treatment of this type of pathology is carried out with the help of powerful drug therapy, changing the diet and normalizing the patientвЂ�s lifestyle.
  • The following symptoms are characteristic of dolichocolon at the stage of decompensation. complete loss of appetite, severe intoxication of the body, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

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Treatment of this type of pathology is unthinkable without the regular use of siphon enemas, a complete change of diet and other nuances. Sometimes treatment of decompensatory dolichocolon is performed surgically. Diagnosis of intestinal dolichocolon is carried out using various devices. In particular, to buy trimox online or refute the presence of this disease, you can undergo irrigoscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound, electromyography and sphincterometry. In addition to these studies, blood tests are ordered, which focus on indicators such as erythrocyte sedimentation rate, hemoglobin and total white blood cell volume, as well as stool tests, which check for blood.

  • In addition, people sufferThose suffering from dolichocolon of the decompensation type show signs of anemia.
  • How to treat dolichocolon of the intestinal system?
  • In mild forms of pathology that have a compensatory or subcompensatory stage of progression, conservative drug treatment is prescribed.
  • Severe forms of the disease can only be eliminated through a full-fledged surgical operation.
  • Conservative treatment of compensatory or subcompensatory intestinal dolichocolon should be comprehensive.
  • Within its framework, patients are prescribed a special diet that involves the consumption of amoxicillin or pureed food, rich in protein and fiber and free of animal fats and carbohydrates. In addition, the symptoms of the first stages of intestinal dolichocolon can be mitigated and the functioning of this organ can be normalized with the help of special massage, as well as light exercise.